About Us

At the heart of providing an exceptional linen service for restaurants is a process and structure that means we can continue to deliver the very cleanest and finest laundry to your business every time. Whether you need clean, crisp linen with that fresh smell for your hotel, restaurant, bar, café or gym you’ll find that by using Starlight Linen you’ll have a linen supplier you’ll want to make an integral part of your business

As a quality linen hire and laundry supplier in South London we have served restaurants, hotels, catering companies, wedding planners and many other businesses in London for the last fifteen years.

We provide quality linen hire, laundry and sales services for all shapes, colours and sizes in:

We take being responsible for your laundry very seriously because we appreciate how important it can be for your business. We always replace your linen as soon as it starts to look frayed or thinning and we deliver it to exactly the place you want. Furthermore, we only use cleaning materials and equipment that are approved, so you can rest easy that your spotless linen doesn’t come at an environmental cost.

At Starlight Linen we’re very proud that in fifteen years of business we’ve passed every assessment we’ve faced. And because of this unblemished record you can be sure that we’ll give you a secure and reliable service of the highest quality.

Not only is our linen available for purchase, however, but it is also offered for hire on a short or long term basis and of any quantity – we’ve even supplied events of up to a thousand guests before.

Call us now on 0208 395 8404 for linen that will delight your customers every time.