One of the first things that a customer notices when they visit your restaurant is the state of your napkins and tablecloths. If they’re dirty or tired looking then they might not even stay to eat, but even if they do it will still cloud their decision on whether they come back. Getting the right hotel linen and laundry supplier for your restaurant is essential.

Fortunately, at Starlight Linen we set our sights somewhat higher than just making sure your front of house is spotless. We know that your chefs need clean and superb quality aprons, trousers, hats and jackets of all shapes and sizes, so that not only will they take more pride in their work (and let’s be honest – their performance is the most critical element of your restaurant’s success) but so they can speak with and charm your guests.

We regularly monitor the quality of laundry we send to your restaurant so that as soon as a serviette or table runner starts to look worn it is replaced and you can continue to display the finest linen to your customers.

And we all know that happy customers become repeat customers.

We supply linen to:

  • Hotels
  • Catering Companies
  • Wedding Planners
  • Venues and Halls
  • Restaurants

Our linen is available in the following sizes, shapes and colours:

  • 36x36, 45x45, 54x54, 54x70, 70x70, 70x108, 108x108, 130x130
  • Square, Rectangle and Round
  • White, Black and Ivory

We also offer the following for hire and purchase:

  • Table Linen and Cloths
  • Napkins and Serviettes
  • Chef Wear and Clothing
  • Kitchen Towels and T-Towels

Call us now on 0208 395 8404 for linen that will delight your customers every time.